Fancy Purple

Among the rarest diamonds that nature gives us are the beautiful Fancy Purple. Their mystical color is so scarce that they represent a very low percentage within the production of Fancy stones. To find one of these gems with more than 2 ct. is almost impossible.

Most of the purple diamonds are found at the Argyle mine in South Africa, although in recent years they have been mined at other locations, such as the Kimberlite Mir mine in Siberia.

Its extraordinary color originates when the stone is already fully formed and begins its journey to the surface. During this journey, plastic deformations occur in the lamellae of its crystalline structure, causing the light to reflect in incredible purple tones.

Thanks to their great appeal, purple diamonds have become in high demand; but because they are being so scarce, some of them are usually treated, in order to add or intensify their color. It is important to know the origin of it since the price can vary drastically between a treated gem and a natural one.

A natural Fancy Purple concentrates its color in the cristal’s lamellae, while one treated will have the color throughout the stone. The origin of the color can be identified and certified by an expert.

Purple Intensities

Fancy Purple diamonds can be found in a wide range of shades. The combination of tones as well as the different intensities and saturations has, as a result, the most beautiful colors ranging from light lilac to a deep purple.

They are graded by the GIA in: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Dark.

Secondary Colors

The modifier tones that we can most commonly find in the Fancy Purple are Brown, Gray, and Pink. Almost all purple diamonds contain one or more of these shades, although they can also be found with red undertones.

Secondary nuances often detract from stones, but Purplish Pink is the exception to that rule. This combination is priced the same way as a predominantly pink diamond.

On the other hand, a diamond with a pure purple tone is very rare, almost never available on the market, and extremely expensive.

Royal Heart

The Royal Purple Heart is one of the largest purple diamonds in existence. It has no secondary tone and weighs 7.34 ct. Which is very unusual with this type of stone.

It was cut into a heart shape to highlight its dazzling color and it is precisely for those two characteristics that it gets its name.

It is believed to have been found in Russia and cut by the Julius Klein Diamond Corporation; but beyond that, little is known about this precious piece.

Purple Engagements

A Fancy Purple is a beautiful option when it comes to choosing the diamond that will be the centerpiece in the engagement ring. Stones in purple tones are associated with nobility, wisdom, and spirituality; its meaning can add detail and its beauty will make any jewel a work of art.

Among the best-known Purple diamond engagement rings is Vanessa Bryant’s, wife of the late basketball player Kobe Bryant. Kobe popped the question with an impressive 8 ct purple diamond surrounded by a halo of little round-cut diamonds.

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