Fancy Pink

Pink diamonds are one of the most spectacular stones that nature gives us. Its tones have an unreal beauty. These incredible gems are extremely unusual, representing just a small percentage of the production of colored diamonds; a feature that increases its commercial value.

Pink diamonds have been found in many parts of the world such as Brazil, Siberia, South Africa, and Russia, but it is undoubtedly the Argyle mine in Australia, who is best known for producing exceptional high-quality Fancy Pink. 

The Fancy Pink diamond extracted in Argyle -which is considered the most esteemed pink diamond in the world- is only auctioned in exclusive bids. Just 1% of the Fancy diamond production at Argyle is a Fancy Pink, and to understand the proportions of its rarity, out of one million carats mined, only one is considered suitable for sale.

Another fact as fascinating as the gem itself is the mystery that surrounds the origin of its color. It’s not known with certainty what makes this magical stone shine with pink shades. Unlike its Fancy siblings, a pink diamond doesn’t have impurities to blame for the romantic color. There are theories that explain it is due to the high pressures to which the stone was subjected in its formation process, others relate them to changes in its molecular structure caused by seismic movements. However, the cause remains unknown.

Pink Intensity

Fancy Pink is considered the second rarest color in the world. It evokes exclusivity and luxury. It is even used by many as a form of investment. Their magnificence, rising popularity, and the fact that these gems seem to be running out over time cause a continuous increase in its value.

Its price is determined, as in almost all Fancy diamonds, by the intensities of its shades, which are graded as: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark.

Secondary Hues

These pink shades can be modified by secondary hues. They are generally Orange, Purple, and Brown. When a Pink diamond has an undertone, the two colors are used for its grading. For example Orange Pink. If the secondary color is too weak, it will be referred to as orangy, purplish, or brownish.

Like all colored diamonds, the price is related to the purity and intensity of its color. The undertones can also impact the price. Pink diamonds, however, due to their scarcity and uniqueness are much more expensive. A Fancy Pink can be worth up to 20 times more than its colorless equivalent.

The pink color in diamonds is so prized that even when acting as a secondary shade, it attributes exclusivity to the stones. Gems in Pink Champagne or Pinkish Brown hues are considered unusual and highly valued in the market.

Pink Legacy Diamond

It is an impressive Fancy Vivid Pink diamond of near 19 carats, internally flawless. Its incredible size and impeccable clarity are qualities almost impossible to find in a pink diamond.

It was first owned by the Oppenheimer family and hence the origin of its name, due to the diamond legacy this family represents. It was found in South Africa in 1918 and was first cut in 1920 into a classic rectangular cut, arranged as the centerpiece of a platinum ring.

Pink Legacy is a Type IIa diamond, which are the most chemically pure stones with exceptional shine and transparency.

It was auctioned in 2018 for more than $50 million. Its new owner, luxury jewelry Harry Winston Inc., changed its name to Winston Legacy Diamond.

Pink is Love at First Sight

Pink is the color of romance, which is why engagement rings with Fancy Pink, in any of its shades, are icons of love.

These gems have starred in famous engagements by artists such as Elizabeth Taylor, who wore an impressive 33-carats ring, known as the Krupp Diamond, which was later renamed, Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.

Other fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham -who receives an engagement ring as a gift almost every year-  has been seen wearing a Light Pink diamond in a Pavé setting, which would become the second ring in pink tones among her collection.

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