Fancy Orange

The warmth and charm of its color make the fancy grange one of the most desired and sought-after diamonds among collectors and enthusiasts.

Renowned gemologist Edwin Streeter described it as "Fire Diamond" but its most common nickname is "Pumpkin Diamond" due to its unique bright orange shade.

Fancy Orange diamonds are mostly found in the Argyle mine in Australia and in South Africa. Its incredible sunset tone is thanks to the presence of nitrogen in its crystalline lattice, just like the fancy yellows, but with the difference that the atoms of this element were grouped in a hyper-specific way during the stone’s formation process; these atoms absorb the blue and yellow from the light and then it reflects it in amazing orange color.

6 Shades of Orange

The most important characteristic when rating a Fancy Orange is the intensity of its color. The most valuable ones are those with a medium to dark tone and vivid saturation, without a modifier color.

Orange diamonds are rated by their color as: Faint Orange, Very Light Orange, Light Orange, Light Orange Fancy, Fancy Intense Orange and Fancy Deep Orange.

Secondary hues

Orange is formed by the combination of two primary colors, red and yellow, which is why the presence of various secondary hues in Fancy Orange is common and they usually add beauty and originality to each stone.

The secondary hues found in fancy orange diamonds are brown, brownish, yellow, yellowish, pink, pinkish, and purple. In general, orange is usually present in most fancy diamonds as a secondary color, so it is only considered "orange" when the percentage of orange is greater than any other hue within the gem.

Rarely the American Gemological Institute rates a diamond as "Pure Orange", these are extraordinary and at the same time, the most expensive pieces in the world. Every time one of these wonders is auctioned causes great enthusiasm and interest among collectors and investors.

The Orange Diamond

It is the largest Fancy Vivid Orange diamond in the world with a weight of 14.82 ct. This spectacular Orange has a pear-cut and VS1 clarity.

Although almost all Orange diamonds are considered Type 1b because of the way in which nitrogen is distributed in their crystal, this diamond is certified as an exception, being listed by the GIA as a Type 1a diamond.

The directors of Christie's jewelry department told Forbes that The Orange was a piece found "only once in a lifetime" and that it was "a miracle of nature" just after breaking records by being sold for the impressive sum of $ 35.5 million.

Orange Engagement

Orange diamonds as the center stone in an engagement ring can give life to an original jewel and fill it with meaning for the couple. These stones are exceptional and beautiful as the relationship with the person you love.

The orange color symbolizes youth, fun, joy, and happiness, it is the perfect shade to represent the beginning of a new life full of these incredible emotions.

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