Fancy Blue

The Fancy Blue shines above all the exceptional and fascinating jewels. It seems incredible that its royal color originated from the depths of the earth. Its supply is really low and it’s one of the rarest and most exclusive diamonds in the world.

They are found in mines of South Africa, Australia, and India. The Cullinan mine, in South Africa, has been the source of the most exotic pieces of Fancy Blue in recent years, which have been auctioned for very high figures.

The Fancy Blue forms in the lower mantle of the earth, at a depth four times deeper than the rest of the diamonds. Its color is produced by the presence of Boron in its structure, which absorbs yellow light reflecting it in blue tones.

The Boron is an element that is not usually found at great depths. Its presence during the diamond formation process is particularly unusual, which is why the Blue Diamonds are so rare.

It was recently discovered while studying the inclusions found in blue diamonds, that they were formed in old oceanic tectonic plates that were transported over time to the interior of the earth.

The great rarity and demand for this stone have made it the target of investors and collectors worldwide. The shortage in its supply makes its demand go up, which causes an exponential increase in its value.

An Ocean Of Color

The spectrum of color in the Fancy Blue can range from light blue to deep navy blue. The higher the saturation of its color, the higher its value. 

The grading scale of this Fancy Diamond is: Faint Blue, Very Light Blue, Light Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Blue, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Deep Blue and Fancy Vivid Blue.

Secondary Colors

Blue can also be combined with secondary hues that create the most surprising shades with a unique character. Among the modifying colors in the Fancy Blue, we can find Gray, Violet, and Green. When mixing with violet tones, it can also have a Dark grade.

Blue diamonds with no secondary hue or pure blue, are also known as Type IIb diamonds, which means that they are free of impurities such as nitrogen and contain Boron in its crystal lattice. Only 0.01% of diamonds fall into this category.

The price of a blue diamond can change dramatically based on its grade of intensity and its secondary hues. A stone of the same weight can cost up to five times more if its color is between the Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid grades and without any modifying color.  

Hope and Curse

One of the most famous jewels in the world is the Hope Diamond. This impressive diamond has a history as magnificent as its beauty. It is believed to have been found in India more than four centuries ago. It was owned by the kings, bankers, and big names in the Jewelry Business such as Harry Winston.

This stunning blue diamond was graded as Fancy Deep Greyish Blue, weights 45.2 carats, and has a cushion antique brilliant shape.

The history that surrounds this jewel is charged with mysticism, it is believed that it causes disgrace to those who own it and knowing the fate suffered by some of its previous owners, it is possible to think that this legend is actually true.

Socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean who believed the diamond will bring good luck

But all stories of a curse surrounding the diamond were part of a big marketing strategy. In fact, one of its latest owners, Evalyn Walsh McLean, said she was drawn to buy it thanks to these rumors. She died peacefully and no misfortune fell on her family.

The Hope Diamond was later purchased at auction by Harry Winston who donated it to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural Science in the United States.

Blue Engagements

Engagement rings with blue diamonds are usually symbols of harmony, wealth, and loyalty. This colored stone, commonly associated with royalty, can be part of a ring’s design that breaks with the mold.

Its wide range of colors goes from the blue sky to the deep sea, which gives you the possibility of choosing the one that best suits the future fiancée.

An example of how majestic blue diamond rings can be is shown in Jennifer López’s Light Blue diamond engagement ring. She was seen using the gorgeous 8.5-carat blue diamond ring back in 2004, during her engagement with Marc Anthony.